Security facilitation before renting an apartment

Apartment renters in Raleigh always have security concerns before moving in. Factors like foot traffic and neighboring renters affect your security and increase the risk of burglary and interruption. Here are a few tips that you must consider before renting an apartment.

Analyze local crime stats:

Choosing an apartment isn’t always about space and rent. It’s rather about the entire environment. If you have found an apartment according to your needs and budget, you must the local crime stats to get to know whether there are any troubling activities going around in your neighborhood that you should be aware of. This can be accomplished by interacting with your neighbors, landlord, and local police. This allows you to get an idea about how you would be living in the new apartment. You may even gain access to local crime history from relevant online services.

Test the lighting:

Avoid renting apartments in buildings where the lighting system is not efficient. Dark or poorly lit areas are risky as they allow the window of opportunity to burglars and intruders. Make sure that the parking areas, stairways, elevators, walkways and hallways all have enough light. This reduces the risk as offenders have a minimum or no areas to hide in.

Observe overall upkeep:

Observe the apartment generally for any damaged/cracked walls or broken windows. This shows whether the landlord is a responsible and concerned person or is he just careless. Also, check for lawn maintenance. A landlord who cannot maintain even these basic facilities cannot be trusted for safeguard and security measures.

Install new door locks:

The most necessary security precaution before moving to an apartment is to have the door locks replaced with new ones. You don’t know who has the keys to your apartment other than your landlord. Replacing the old locks with new ones reduces the risk of being exposed or intruded by unwanted people. Some agents or landlords pretend that the door locks have been replaced with new ones, while all they do is replace them with another apartment’s door locks just to save the costs. Get the locks changed under your supervision to assure that only new locks are being installed.

Fire Escapes:

Talking about apartment buildings, fire escapes are an essential matter. As helpful as they can be in the case of emergencies, they also tend to attract intruders and burglars as the fire escapes are a quick access to your apartment’s balconies and windows. Make sure your apartment’s fire escape is efficiently stored so that intruders are unable to reach it.

Window Locks:

It is better to have windows that can only be opened from inside the apartment. In case that your apartment has windows that can be opened from outside as well, make sure that all the windows to your apartment have good lock systems. Although windows are less risky for apartments at higher floors yet the locks should not be neglected. Plus, all windows must be treated with equal importance as any window can be used as a potential entry point to your apartment.